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            Choice is greater than effort, and the choice of a good product is half the success!

            Concentration makes us more professional

            • Free personalized customization
            • High quality talents
            • Core patents, high quality, low cost
            • Super long warranty
            • 2 hours response to after sale
            • 7*24 hourly technical support
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            Why is the choice of Zhuhai Wang Yang?

            • Government support
            • 10 years experience in industry
            • Capital macro thickness
            • Many patents,Provide strong support for products
            • Two years of replacement, life-long warranty

            Our team and strength

            The company with the exquisite production technology and leading design features and ISO9001-2000 quality management system of strict and sophisticated production equipment and facilities, so that each product dare to ask the user's solemn commitment of products within 2 years of quality problems of the replacement and maintenance of life.

            • Leading products with domestic and foreign patents
            • 3C quality certification issued by the state and CE certification for export to the European Union
            • Plant area of 10000 square meters
            • High precision production equipment made in China
                Zhuhai wangyang water treatment equipment Co., Ltd located in a beautiful seaside city–Zhuhai which is a high-tech enterprise with integration of scientific research, new product development, production, sales and installation. It owns a professional technical team as well as a professional service team. The company is specialized in equipment development and production of seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, reclaimed-water recycling system, medical hyperpure water, boiler feed-water, electroplating metallurgy and so on. The productions have applied to drilling platform lighter, ocean going vessel, research vessel, ocean fishing vessel, electroplating metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, medicine trade and so on which have gained praise by customers. 

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